Heart of Recovery - W Kiest Blvd

November 29th (2018)

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    The Heart of Recovery is a meditation and discussion group that seeks to unite formal meditation practice and mindfulness with the myriad paths of recovery from addiction and compulsive behavior.

     Attendees may remain anonymous and we will always explore the relationship of meditation and mindfulness to our individual paths of recovery in complete confidentiality.

     Wisdom from all forms of recovery (including 12-Step Programs) will be welcomed into the Heart of Recovery via the experience and sharing of its members but we are not affiliated with any one specific program of recovery.

     The Heart of Recovery welcomes anyone interested in making the effort to abstain from compulsive/addictive behavior that seeks to integrate the strength, clarity, and basic goodness of meditation into their recovery.

    Meeting format includes:

    • Meditation instruction and practice

    • A topic offering in the form of a brief share, talk or a reading

    • Sharing of personal experience and exploration by group members

    • Serenity Closing

    Email  questions to dallas_shambhala at yahoo.com and type 'Heart of Recovery Coordinator' in the subject line

    Donations of any amount are appreciated and will help with facility costs.