Stages of Meditation on Emptiness

with Billy Boyar

May 18th—May 20th (2018)

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Room: Oak Cliff satellite at UUCOC

This course explores the book Contemplating Reality by Andy Karr, which is based on the classic text by Khenpo Tsultrim Gyamptso, Progressive Stages of Meditation on Emptiness. Karr’s book makes the classic text more accessible and provides many helpful contemplation practices. Using Karr’s approach, we will develop our understanding and experience of egolessness, emptiness, and luminosity, as taught by historically evolving Buddhist schools. This evolving history is important because it roughly corresponds to the stages of development of our own personal wisdom.

"The Progressive Stages of Meditation on Emptiness will offer you the opportunity to contemplate more deeply the understanding and experience that you have already had. And you will have the opportunity to see for yourself how the brilliant Shambhala teachings are in complete harmony with the profound Buddhadharma as it has been historically taught in the three turnings of the wheel of dharma.  You will see how the historical development of the understanding of emptiness parallels our own personal development of insight into emptiness.  And you will see for yourself how these teachings on emptiness become the bridge to the Vajrayana and to the Shambhala dharma altogether." - Billy Boyar.

Billy Boyar is an authorized teacher and a Shambhala Path Meditation Instructor from Austin.

This class is recommended for anyone who has already completed any two courses in the Shambhala curriculum and who has an established meditation practice. Purchasing your own copy of Contemplating Reality by Andy Karr is highly encouraged.

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