The 3 Yanas: A Buddhist Study Group

July 23rd—September 17th (2017)

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  • $20.00 Patron
  • $0.00 Regular

We are an informal peer-to-peer group of dharma enthusiasts who meet to discuss seminal texts and principle ideas of the Shambhala Buddhist lineage, as well as the other lineages in which Trungpa Rinpoche received training or from which he drew upon to present the Shambhala terma. 

For this cycle of the group we are reading the latter chapters of Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism, discussing 1-2 chapters a week.  At the end of the cycle we will use this material to trace the defining characteristics of the three yanas (hinayana/sutrayana, mahayana, and vajrayana). 

We will meet for 1 hour on Sunday afternoons.  There is no charge to participate, but those able to help support our all-volunteer, non-profit Center here in Dallas are asked to consider offering $20 for this cycle of the study group.

Open to the public.  Anyone curious about Buddhism is welcome to join us!  You don not need to be affiliated with the Dallas Shambhala Meditation Center or attend our weekly sitting meditations.

Location:  a study room at either the Valley Ranch or Farmers Branch public libraries, to be determined weekly by the group participants.