Uncovering confidence & fearlessness: Introduction to Timekeeping & Shrinekeeping

with Gary Cason

July 23rd (2017)

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  • $10.00 Patron
  • $0.00 Regular
Room: Oak Cliff satellite at UUCOC

A well-trained Umdzé gives life and potency to the practice.  — Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche

Would you like to know more about being a shrine-keeper (chöpön) or time-keeper (umdzé)? How to set up and light the shrine, strike the gong, lead the chants, and hold strong presence for others during sitting meditation? Please join us on Sunday, July 23rd!

Performing these roles is an opportunity to deepen one’s practice, uncover fearlessness, and provide benefit to the sangha at the same time. We offer this training to expand and update the group of individuals able to serve as time-keepers and perform shrine-keeping at the Dallas Shambhala Center.  The umdzé, or time-keeper, has overall responsibility for each public meditation session. The umdzé pays attention to the physical environment (orderliness, temperature, lighting), opens the shrine, leads chants, holds the space, signals alternating sitting/walking meditation periods, and closes the shrine.

This training will incorporate some of the newer practices that the Sakyong has established at the Shambhala Ritual Academies. So it is appropriate for both aspiring and existing umdzés. Current time-keepers are strongly encouraged to attend to refresh your skills.  Specific topics to be addressed include:

  • Establishing and Holding the environment: the view and practice of being a Shambhala umdzé.
  • Gonging: how and when.
  • Chanting: what and how.
  • Relating with the Primordial Rigden Shrine, including the new Ancestral Method of offering incense.
  • Bowing: view and practice

Anyone interested who attends public sits regularly or has a strong connection to the Shambhala lineage is welcome. Please feel free to take this class just to learn more -- there is no obligation to become an umdzé after the training.

While there is no fee for the training, Patrons and those wishing to support the center may make a contribution to help offset costs ($10 suggested).  We ask that you please register so we know how many to expect.  Weather permitting, a light BBQ snack and refreshments will be provided afterwards.