Joy In Everyday Life

with Shastri Linda Mockeridge

August 19th—August 20th

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  • $130 Patron
  • $110 Regular
Room: Oak Cliff satellite at UUCOC

Joy in Everyday Life teaches practical methods to develop ongoing kindness toward ourselves and others. By training in compassion, we cultivate a gentle and fearless heart. With discipline, we discover joy. 

Joy in Everyday Life is a class in the Way of Shambhala series, which is a practice and study path that presents the Shambhala Buddhist teachings and explores how we can apply them in everyday life.

Key elements of the course include simple instructions, experiential exercises and strong community support.

Prerequisites: The Contentment in Everyday Life (CIEL) class is a recommended prerequisite for this program, but it is not mandatory. Participants should have familiarity with mindfulness meditation practice and a motivation to pursue the introspection of the Shambhala path. Please check with one of the instructors or with your MI if you would like to take the class without having previously taken CIEL.

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