Face Mortality – Reap More Joy

Nothing like a deadly pandemic to remind us that “death comes for all” actually applies to us, too! Buddhists get a bad rap about death – lots of people think we’re morbid or depressed because we think about it a lot.  But it’s really the opposite – we bring our minds back to mortality so … Continue 

Equanimity, Even Now

Equanimity When people start looking into meditation or Buddhism, they often say that they’re looking for “peace.”  As with so many things we want, we usually aren’t really sure what this is, but it sounds like something we’d like.  That makes perfect sense – if we knew all about what we think we want, we’d … Continue 

Boredom During a Pandemic

So now we are sheltering in place.  That’s a phrase we hear rarely – it usually means there’s a riot or an active shooter.  And it usually applies to people elsewhere – not to us. Events have given us something we often long for:  Time off.  Time without agenda.  Time without the normal demands of … Continue 

Hope and the Spiral of Resentment and Violence

So we continue in the spiral of resentment and violence. It’s shocking to wake up to five dead police officers and, instead of an anonymous street scene from Some City, it’s an intersection I know well.  Then, a week later, three more dead, not so far away. And with so many horrors crowding around, it’s … Continue 

Respecting the Earth, suggestions of H.H. Karmapa

TEN THINGS YOU CAN DO TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE… Make aspiration prayers. We make aspiration prayers for all sentient beings. This should also include the Earth, which sustains us and gives us life. Read, discuss, and develop an understanding of environmental issues and how they affect you and your community. Go vegetarian. Not only will … Continue 

What’s Bravery Got to Do with It?

I stumbled into Shambhala three years ago wanting to learn more about meditation.  I figured I’d learn some cool stuff and totally bliss out while trying to get my act together.  A coworker had mentioned they had read a book by Pema Chödrön and suggested I do the same since I was interested in Buddhism. … Continue 

Sacred Nowness by Dan Stebbins

I was recently given the Shambhala name Sacred Nowness. This caused me to reflect on the meaning. I’ve contemplated nowness many times before. I naively tried to capture nowness so I could know what now is. But nowness proved too elusive and enigmatic. Now is all the time we have but it can’t be measured. … Continue 

Meditation and Yoga by Leila Cranford

Not all meditators practice yoga, but meditation is a foundational practice in hatha yoga – or yoga, as we simply call it in the west.  A robust yoga practice includes regular meditation (dhyana) as well as postures and breathwork.  The seminal Yoga Sutras, in fact, lays out the Eight Limbs that form the the yogi’s … Continue 

Feed the Right Wolf

Last week during our normal Heart of Recovery meeting, (Hint: Every Sunday at 6pm!!) this allegory was brought up during our open discussion: An old Cherokee was telling his grandson about the struggle that takes place within all of us. He said, ‘My son, the conflict is between two wolves that live inside us. One … Continue 

Practicing Kindness

by Sangha Member Dan It seems to me that we all instinctively know how to practice kindness, what it is and how to do it. We know when we receive kindness, when we extend kindness and also when kindness is faked. It’s a great leveler. healer, heart-warmer, day-maker and friend-maker. Please remember to practice it … Continue