Important Information Regarding Our Relocation


Dear Dallas Shambhala Sangha,

For many years, a major goal of the Dallas Shambhala Meditation Center has been to establish a lasting and stable presence in the city – a center that is owned, rather than rented. It excites me to announce that in the coming month, we will be moving one step closer to that goal.

At the end of October, our lease at the Midway center will expire, and we will shift our North Dallas activities to a new location:

Unity of Dallas, 6525 Forest Lane, Dallas 75230

We will announce specifics in the coming weeks, but the current plan is to offer our weeknight sitting/dharma talks at Unity, and move our Sunday morning sessions and Heart of Recovery to our Oak Cliff center.

The financial burden of renting was a major factor in this decision. A new lease at our current would have required us to pay 20% more per month, and other locations nearby are priced similarly. Continuing to rent would have forced us to operate at a deficit, making our goal of buying a property more difficult to achieve with each passing month.

Renting space from Unity of Dallas will give us two major advantages over our current situation: first, our costs will be dramatically decreased, and second, we will not be locked into a lease. This means that when we find an appropriate property, we will have more funds for relocation and renovation, and we will not have to wait for our lease to expire.

Unity of Dallas is committed to spiritual diversity, and its leaders are extremely eager to share their space with us. While this will be a transitional period, we hope to maintain the vibrancy of our sangha, and to expand it even further. We appreciate everything you have done for us thus far, and we hope we can continue to rely on your energy and generosity as we continue to pursue our mission of establishing Enlightened Society.

In the Great Eastern Sun Vision,

Gary Cason

Center Director

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