Respecting the Earth, suggestions of H.H. Karmapa


  1. Make aspiration prayers. We make aspiration prayers for all sentient beings. This should also include the Earth, which sustains us and gives us life.
  2. Read, discuss, and develop an understanding of environmental issues and how they affect you and your community.
  3. Go vegetarian. Not only will you practice compassion for all sentient beings, but you will decrease the resources you use up.
  4. Live simply without unnecessary possessions.
  5. Educate people on environmental values. illustrate harmony between people and nature.
  6. Don’t litter. Collect your own trash and dispose of it properly.
  7. Use less paper. A lot of trees are cut down simply to produce paper. Even a small choice such as printing on both sides of the paper makes a big difference.
  8. Use less plastic. We use plastic bags for a few hours, sometimes for only a few minutes. However, it takes over 500 years for plastic to completely degrade in a landfill.
  9. When making offerings, make healthy choices. Buy fruit rather than sweets, or plants rather than cut flowers.
  10. Turn the switch off. If you see that a light or an electrical device is switched on but no one is using it, turn it off.


Submitted by Joan Keagy