Sacred Nowness by Dan Stebbins

I was recently given the Shambhala name Sacred Nowness. This caused me to reflect on the meaning. I’ve contemplated nowness many times before. I naively tried to capture nowness so I could know what now is. But nowness proved too elusive and enigmatic. Now is all the time we have but it can’t be measured. Its beginning is its end. It is only a point in time yet it is the only time that anything can happen.

I have occasionally glimpsed the sacredness of now. Although now is just an instant there is a feeling of uniqueness, a twinge of sadness at its passing and appreciation, gratitude. A sense of not just impermanence but fluidity. Seeing that things do not come together for a while and then fall apart but that everything is always changing. There is no resting state.

So be joyful while you have this now. Regardless of the situation it is sacred. It won’t come again. It is the only time that we can be.

– Sacred Nowness