AA and the 11th Step – How to Meditate..?

For those of us in 12 Step Programs – Formal Meditation Practice is literally ‘part of the program.’

Spelled out in Step 11: ‘Sought Through Prayer and Meditation…’

But if you are anything like me – I sat for years nodding in the affirmative and being agreeable to the concept of meditation.

I was certain it could and would be of benefit to anyone who developed a consistent practice – I just didn’t know what that looked or sounded like in practical application.

Like any good self-centered, newly sober human – I did what we of that particular stripe do in that situation – keep nodding yes, do nothing differently and wonder why nothing changes.

God forbid I actually ASK someone how to meditate and risk looking like a total newbie.

In all the years I have been going (and still go) to meetings – I don’t recall ever hearing the physical mechanics of Step 11 discussed and/or demonstrated.

You know, the actual Nuts n’ Bolts kind of thing – ‘sit like this’ – ‘put your arms like this’ and so forth.

I don’t remember anyone ever showing me the ‘how’ part of meditating – lots and lots of the ‘whys’ of Step 11 – that much I understood. The physical logistics however, remained a mystery…

I knew I was supposed to meditate – I just didn’t know how to meditate.

Thankfully, after eight and a half years in recovery, the lightbulb came on!

I overheard someone somewhere saying something like ‘You don’t ask your eye doctor about a sore foot’ – attempting to convey the message of ‘See a trained specialist.’

I’m not sure if the recipient of those words got the message – but I certainly did.

The personal meditation instruction I got (and still receive) was priceless as well as free.

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