Buddhist Meditation for People in Recovery

These days, almost everyone is familiar with the concept of ‘Being in Recovery’ – whether it is by way of traditional 12 Step Programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous and Overeaters Anonymous or via individual therapists/counselors or even work sponsored Employee Assistance/Substance Abuse Treatment programs.

There are also myriad life changes and situations that are just part of the Human Condition – things that do not have a Recovery Group dedicated to them or they might involve more uniquely personal circumstances on an individual’s path to healing.

Most of us alive here in the 21st Century have faced some sort of trauma in our lives that would fit into one of these categories – we may be fighting outwardly obvious foes like drug/alcohol dependency or struggling with more subtle inner demons – secret compulsions or behaviors that lie below the surface but are just as poisonous to mind, body and spirit.

If you currently attend a traditional 12 Step Group (of any kind) or choose a different path – everyone is welcome, regardless of affiliations or afflictions.

We will all come together in the Heart of Recovery.

Based on Tibetan Buddhist meditation techniques but completely independent – with no need to become a Buddhist or alter your existing spiritual practices – whatever they may be. All are welcome.

The Heart of Recovery is geared towards the fostering of a basic mindfulness with sobriety at its core – what we do, why we do it, and how to look at ourselves and our behavior.

Each meeting will offer meditation instruction – come and learn the basic foundation of formal Buddhist meditation as well as participate in a Recovery based reading and discussion group.

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