Dallas Shambhala Welcomes North Texas Food Bank


Each of us has a responsibility for all mankind.  It is time for us to think of other people as true brothers and sisters and to become concerned with their                 welfare, with lessening their suffering.  Even if you cannot sacrifice your own benefit entirely, you should not forget the concerns of others.  We should think more about the future and the benefit of all mankind. 

—Dalai Lama


Many of us are seeking ways to apply our insights from meditation and dharma teachings to situations of suffering of others.  As our compassion grows for ourselves, our compassion for others expands.  Many of us live fairly isolated lives, sheltered from the suffering of our fellow citizens in Dallas.  On February 19th, Vanessa Page from the North Dallas Food Bank will share with us some startling details of the prevalence of hunger in our metropolitan area.  Knowledge is always the first step!  Please plan on attending.


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